Eastern Washington Ghost Towns Part 1 – Almira,WA

Post Office – Almira,WA

ALL Photos Copyright 2009 Jefferson L. Morriss


Silence, eerie but tranquil.  When you roll into this town, population 302(2000 census), you know that you are far from the reaches of city life.  Skyscrapers of glass and steel are replaced with towers of concrete and concrete as two large grain elevators watch over the city.  Remnants of a main street from yesteryears is pretty much the first thing you see as you drive in. Brick buildings with a touch of the semi-ornate on what looked to be an old hotel, line the main drag along with a former gas station complete with an old pump still standing.  Antique collectibles along with a very chipper old carousel horse stand by in a dust laden window as you pass through time in this old town.

As I walk my steps echo back as the nearly the only sound around.  A few people drive by no doubt wondering who I am and what I’m doing in their town.  Children walk down the center-line of a road laughing and playing with a couple of dogs passing the time on a lazy friday afternoon.  After absorbing the silence and treating it kindly, I left it behind for the next town on the list.


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2 Responses to “Eastern Washington Ghost Towns Part 1 – Almira,WA”

  1. Tony Strickler Says:

    I love the solitude of them all.., being I also experienced driving through the places on the other post.. It really ables you think w/out all the city NOISE. “The bus ride home” WAS DEFINITELY A SOLITUDE OF AN EXPERIECE. IT’S GREAT TO FIND THE GOOD IN EVERY EXPERIENCE.

  2. broadsideblog Says:

    Love these! That flat white light is amazing.

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