Eastern Washington Ghost Towns, Part 2 – Farmer,WA

One of the most anticipated and farthest away towns on my trip turned out to be a disappointment.   Forty-five miles from Almira I had high hopes for place based on pictures I had seen online but was soon unable to find the majority of those photos.   I plugged Farmer,WA into my GPS to make sure that was on the right track and sure enough it said I was here. I looked around and around and sure enough there’s  a building that says Farmer but where is the rest?

When in doubt just wing it, right?  I turned down a dusty road and found a quaint cemetery with a beautiful view perched on a small hill.   After hanging out with the afterlife a bit I ventured further down the road and found a deserted homestead in a freshly tilled field.

*UPDATE*3/2/13 This homestead is not located in Farmer as I have been informed. If you venture to this area please respect the property owner’s land.

Afterwards I headed back down the dusty road and found yet another abandoned homestead.  I sat there for a moment visualizing a once vibrant and lively home. Laundry blowing in the wind, kids playing outside and pops working the field.  Whether it is impractical to live there now or the draw of the big city has driven them away to a more “modern” lifestyle I know not.

So where was all this stuff I had seen online and hoped to photograph? I emailed the photographer ex post facto and they had scarce directions at best but assured me I was in the area and didn’t get lost. I just simply never found it. Perhaps on my next trip over I will find it, if it wants to be found that is.

A lonely cross stands near Highway 2 dedicated by a Christian biker group.


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