Giving + Zoriah Photos

President Obama pledged 100 million dollars to Haiti, the United Nations, 10 million. The American people, through a private organization the American Red Cross, gave 137 million. 137 Million! We put our own government and the “United Nations” to shame. And that was just one organization’s number.

Many people like to “hate” on America, but who is always there when disaster or calamity strikes and is there in force. The U.S.A.   The American people are incredibly generous and always step up to the plate when something happens.  “We give more to charity, per capita and as a percentage of gross domestic product, than the citizens of other nations.” According to Elisabeth Eaves a columnist on  So say what you may about our policies but who will be there to bail you out when disaster happens. We will.

One of, if not my favorite, Photojournalists, Zoriah Miller was in Haiti a month ago doing a project on the slums. He had left the country before the earthquake but after hearing about it he made his way back.  Zoriah captures my attention with every photo and stands out among a plethera of bland photojournalists covering the Haiti disaster.  With my personal connection to Haiti I have gone through many photos taken since the disaster but when I saw Zoriah’s first post today on Haiti my jaw dropped.

Just another reminder, if anyone books a wedding with me no matter when it is, I will donate ALL my profits to help those suffering in Haiti.  Please see my previous post for more info.

Jefferson L. Morriss


WARNING: The photos are graphic and not for those of weak stomach.

Please view the January 26 blog and anything else that peaks your interest it’s all great work.


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