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Nikon Lens Cup

March 20, 2011

How neat an idea is this?  A coffee cup made out of a lens.  I was stoked when I got this for a present yesterday. I will be enjoying many a hot beverage out of this in the years to come. 

Jefferson L. Morriss



March 15, 2011

Jason is always down for a photo shoot when I have ideas, I love it.  I got this random idea involving a circle of lights one day and this is the result.

Strobist info:  10 led lights(think $1 store) mounted on a quilting circle(they were mainly for look, minimal light came from them)

Nikon SB-600 with grid(camera left) @ 1/4 power

Nikon SB-28(upper camera right) @ 1/8 power


Hope you enjoy.

-Jefferson L. Morriss