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Travis & Mary – Bellingham Wedding

June 30, 2013

Travis & Mary

Travis and Mary are now married! Congrats you two! More photos to come in the next couple weeks.

Jefferson L. Morriss

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Jeffrey and Laura’s Reception – Bellingham

June 18, 2013

Photography Copyright Photos for the People 2013

Jeffrey and Laura got married a little while back in a very small, private ceremony. This past weekend however they invited their friends and family out for their reception at Redeemer Church in Bellingham,WA. Thanks for having us cover it you two!

Photos for the People

Photography Moves Us. What Moves You? 

Mike & Darcy Wedding – Bellingham Ferry Terminal

June 11, 2013

All Photos Copyright 2013 Photos for the People

Hey everybody, we had the privilege of being able to photograph Mike & Darcy’s wedding on May 25th.  The ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful Bellingham Ferry Terminal in Washington State. The huge window looking out to the bay made a great backdrop for the ceremony. Here’s a few of our favorite photos, we hope you enjoy!

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