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Bellingham Photographer – Pacific Northwest Life Series

August 18, 2013

All photos Copyright Photos for the People/Jefferson L. Morriss 2013

We are proud to present the first in our Pacific Northwest Life series: Rain.  Rain is a staple feature of our region but one thing in particular stood out to us about it, people don’t use umbrellas.

After getting the idea and building the rain machine back in February we only needed 3 things: a private asphalt driveway, a lovely Pacific Northwest couple, and some balmy weather.  The first two would be easier to come by, the latter only time could bring to us.

We want to thank Isabel Rodriguez for doing a great job on the makeup, thank you to Mark for letting us invade your property and of course a big thanks to Marcus and Stacie for letting us soak them for a couple of hours.

Make sure you click, they get bigger!  Stay tuned for the next in the series: Outdoor People

Photos for the People

Photography Moves Us. What Moves You?

Stacie getting her waterproof makeup on

The Rain Machine

Isabel touching up some makeup on Stacie