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Heating Green – Commercial Shoot

December 20, 2012

 Heating Green

All Photos Copyright 2012 Photos for the People/Jefferson L. Morriss

I recently did a shoot for a great Washington based radiant heat business called Heating Green. They needed some photos to illustrate their new 1/2″ radiant heating panels. Here’s a few from the shoot. You can check them out here: Heating Green


Jefferson L. Morriss

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Heating Green


Behind the Scenes

December 7, 2012

Behind the Scenes

A little behind the scenes of our latest commercial shoot. Enjoy!

Strobist Info:

Camera: Nikon D700 with 24-70 2.8 @ 24mm

Shutter/Ap: 1/80 sec @ F/7.1

ISO: 320

On the ladder: Nikon SB-28 strobe  on the 60″ Umbrella @ 1/2 Power

Camera Left: Nikon sb-28 strobe @ 1/4 power with 50 deg grid

Camera Right: Nikon sb-600 @ 1/4 power with 65 deg grid