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Mount Baker Summit

August 5, 2011

The AAI team on the Summit(I am on the far right in Red/Blue)

All Photos Copyright 2011 Photos for the People/Jefferson L. Morriss

On Monday August 1st, with a team from the American Alpine Institute, I summited Mount Baker in Washington State. It was a fantastic experience and was great getting to know all my fellow climbers. Our two guides were beyond exceptional, thanks David and Chad!  Enclosed are a couple pictures from the climb.

Jefferson L. Morriss

One of our tents and the Milky Way

Going up the Roman Headwall as another team goes down

Cronk Guitars – Editorial Media Project

April 3, 2010

All Photography/text copyright Jefferson L. Morriss 2010

After nearly two months and 50 hours later the Cronk Guitars project is done.  I met Bryan at a Christmas bazaar in 2009 and was fascinated by the beautiful guitars he made. We talked a bit and I ended started work on telling Bryan’s story in late January.  I spent 30+ hours with Bryan as he built a guitar from scratch along with many hours of editing.  I had no idea how intricate and precise everything had to be and Bryan always seemed to impress me with his attention to detail and quest for perfection. Be sure to go down a few posts to check out the behind the scenes for this photo setup.

Check out the piece below or visit my site to see a bigger size video in the multi-media section.


Local guitar maker has connections to classic rock band

Bryan Cronk,23, a local custom guitar maker in Whatcom County, will have one of his guitars signed by the classic rock band, “Bad Company” and auctioned off to benefit orphans in Africa this month.

“It’s pretty exciting.” Bryan said. “It’s a big step up for the company.” Although not sure how much the guitar will fetch, Bryan is glad that it will be going to a good cause.

Bryan has been making guitars for the past five years under the name of “Cronk Guitars” in Whatcom County. Wood making started around age five for Bryan helping his dad, a former logger of 18years, make custom kitchen cabinets. He made his first guitar when he was a senior in high school and since then has made upwards of 40 plus guitars.

The Cronk Foundation, a non-profit organization Bryan runs, also ties in his love of music and guitar making. Bryan donates his time and guitars to various local schools to encourage kids to follow their dreams through musical education.

Bad Company is currently touring over in the U.K. and will be auctioning off the guitar sometime in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned for a follow up article with an update on the auction.

This guitar will be signed by the classic rock band “Bad Company”


January 14, 2010

Abassi/MINUSTAH via Getty Images

I visited Haiti in 2005 on a trip to help out an NGO, Clean Water for Haiti. Haiti has grown on me since leaving and I felt so strongly after hearing about it last night that I must do something to help out.

Hire me for  a wedding and I will donate ALL my profits(after base cost of products) to the disaster relief in Haiti. I am putting up 2 spots for the taking.  Not only will you get a great product from me but you will be helping out those desperately in need.  I will more than likely be donating it to World Concern a great organization out the Seattle area or Shiloh Compassion Ministries, an organization started and based in Haiti.  From what I know, World Concern is already on the ground helping out.  I am asking for the full amount up front so that it can go directly to helping out now.  94% of any money donated at World Concern goes directly to helping those in need which is really great compared to other charities.   You can check them out at   The wedding must be within Whatcom or Skagit Counties.

I will sign a contract with you that holds me to the date of your wedding, whenever it may be.

Please contact me for more info and check out my site and see if I’m a fit for you.

-Jefferson L. Morriss
A few photos I scrounged up from my trip in 2005

All Photos Copyright Jefferson L. Morriss 2005